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Inmedius Spectrum Version 6.1 Now Available

Inmedius Spectrum™ Version 6.1 Now Available

Includes S1000D Issue 4.2 support, enhanced security options

The Inmedius Spectrum suite provides significantly improved capabilities to meet your organization’s technical documentation needs with the release of version 6.1.

The new release includes these updates:

• Issue 4.2 of the S1000D specification is now supported across the entire Inmedius Spectrum product suite, enabling you to effectively meet customer and partner requirements for delivery of technical publications in this format.

• The S1000Dmanager Administration site has been merged into the main S1000Dmanager application, enabling administrator users to complete all work in a single application, without the need to launch a separate admin site.

• S1000Dmanager has introduced a new permission model, which allows individual permissions to be assigned to groups, to which users can be added. This granular permission model ensures that users are granted rights in the system to only complete actions that specifically apply to their role.

• In order to further strengthen application security, S1000Dmanager now includes additional auditing capabilities and the ability to configure a session timeout, based on user inactivity.

• S1000DauthorPro XE now automatically saves a draft document every 30 seconds to ensure that data is not lost during the authoring process.

• S1000Dprism and S1000Dreview introduce a number of configuration and auditing features that help provide better control over system administration and security. Features include setting up a sign-in screen message, security policies to control password, login and session requirements, as well as new auditing capabilities that will provide better insight into system usage.

Additional details are available in a new Inmedius Spectrum version 6.1 highlight sheet.

If you are just learning about S1000D, our team of experts at CDG will assist you with planning and preparing for a transition to S1000D. We can also provide advice on how to significantly improve and streamline your existing S1000D software implementation.

Contact us today to learn more about Inmedius Spectrum 6.1 or to schedule an upgrade.


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