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Inmedius Joins CDG, a Boeing Company: A Positive Change for CDG and Our Customers

On May 9, 2012, Boeing and CDG announced the final closing agreement to acquire Inmedius.  As a result of this acquisition, Inmedius will integrate into and become a part of the CDG organization. The CDG and Inmedius integrated teams will operate within Boeing’s Commercial Aviation Services (CAS) Information Services group.

What This Means for CDG

We believe the recent acquisition of Inmedius is an extremely positive development for us at CDG, and our objectives have not changed at all as a result of this recent acquisition. We remain 100% focused and committed to our goal of providing the best Technical Documentation, Technical Services, Training Solutions and Software Solutions for our customers. Boeing and CDG selected Inmedius to be a part of their overall growth strategy because of the quality of the software and knowledgeable customer-focused teams at Inmedius.

In Technical Documentation:

This acquisition will enable our teams to further enhance and evolve our technical documentation solution offerings to adapt to changing customer needs. As a complement to our technical authoring services, CDG will now be able to also offer Inmedius technical content management software solutions to help our customers who may need software tools combined with authoring services.

We will guide our software product development roadmaps to meet the demands and requirements of the most challenging technical authoring and content management projects. CDG’s decades of technical authoring experience on large scale projects will provide valuable insights here. Likewise, our teams can improve our technical authoring services approach by learning from the many years of experience gained by Inmedius in helping customers to manage the technical authoring lifecycle with their advanced tools and standards expertise.

In Training and eLearning Solutions:

CDG will be able to greatly expand its training solutions options for customers. We will continue to work with customers to develop cutting-edge eLearning and training content. With the addition of Inmedius LMS (Learning Management System) platforms, we can now offer more robust options and solutions to deliver that content and support our customers’ training programs with an enterprise-wide solution approach.

What This Means for CDG Customers

With Inmedius as a part of the CDG global team, we can now provide even more value-added benefits for our customers:

  • 360° Training Solutions – Our customers will now have access to multiple options for training and eLearning solutions from a single source provider. Customers can leverage our existing expertise in eLearning content development, combined with the advanced Inmedius Learning Management System (LMS) software applications to deliver that content. Training content and LMS platforms can either be hosted by CDG, or installed in-house at the customer site. This combination of services and software will address the entire lifecycle of in-house training programs for our customers – from creating and updating training materials, to delivering and managing training content, to tracking all student training programs and test results.

  • Full Lifecycle Technical Documentation Solutions – Inmedius content management software applications are already used by numerous customers across the defense and commercial sector to create, manage and deliver technical content. Customers can leverage CDG’s strong understanding of the technical content authoring process, combined with these advanced tools used to help manage that process. This provides our customers with a full spectrum view of best practices and options that can be applied to manage the entire technical authoring lifecycle.

  • Technical Standards Expertise - Inmedius has strong domain expertise in technical publications standards such as S1000D, ATA and DITA, and their teams have been actively involved in standards development committees. Customers will now have access to an expanded team of combined CDG and Inmedius subject matter experts available to assist in understanding how these standards are applied in the technical authoring environment.

  • Expanded Software Solutions - CDG will have access to increased resources to support our software product development efforts. CDG customers will be able to take advantage of innovative new software products as we leverage the new knowledge and resources that the Inmedius team brings to benefit our customers.

We know that our customers and partners may have several questions about this acquisition. Read more in our Customer and Partner FAQs about the Inmedius acquisition.


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