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Inmedius® ATAauthorPro™ to join Inmedius® ATA Publishing Suite™

Pittsburgh, PA – June 24, 2014 - CDG, a Boeing Company, today announced the development of an additional, proven authoring module; expanding the already comprehensive Inmedius® ATA Publishing Suite™. A robust authoring solution, Inmedius® ATAauthorPro™ ensures single or multiple projects are up and running quickly. The ATA authoring tool provides authors with a sophisticated and intuitive environment to easily conform to ATA authoring requirements for commercial aircraft. The proven software is already in use by CDG customers around the world on Boeing and Airbus aircraft projects in Europe, the Middle East and India.

ATAauthorPro expands authoring capabilities in the Inmedius ATA Publishing Suite, a modular, easy-to use solution supporting the ATA technical documentation lifecycle. It provides an additional content development option to Inmedius ATAauthorPro XE, the browser-based, WYSIWYG editor. The Publishing Suite supports the key functions of managing, authoring, viewing, and publishing ATA data, while providing precise control over documentation delivery, including support for Portable Document Format (PDF) files and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM).

The initial public release of ATAauthorPro also supports Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) nuances for ATA technical documentation; including Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMMs), Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs) and Service Bulletins (SBs). In the case of Boeing data, output from the system conforms to Boeing Master Update Requirements.

Key features of ATAauthorPro are PDF publishing, support for modularized or publication authoring, (Aircraft) Maintenance and Task Oriented Support System (MTOSS) management, and full integration to Inmedius ATAmanager™. AuthorPro enables ATA authors to concentrate on technical content development instead of the final published outputs. Document integrity is assured throughout the authoring process with the ATA Common Source Database (CSDB). Learn more at


About CDG, a Boeing Company
CDG specializes in helping manufacturing organizations and complex equipment operators maximize efficiency with full lifecycle solutions. An experienced global team of hundreds of highly skilled engineers and technical data experts supports delivery of cost effective options for engineering-focused industries. CDG offers a wide range of S1000D services, including authoring and conversion, training, and consulting. The Inmedius software portfolio includes performance-oriented applications to capture, create, manage and deploy information assets for content management, S1000D, and ATA lifecycle solutions for publishing, aerospace, defense, government, and manufacturing organizations worldwide.

ATA is a standard maintained by the Air Transport Association.  Companies mentioned do not imply endorsement.


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