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CDG to Host Leadership Session at Process Excellence West Event

Long Beach, Calif. – Sept. 8, 2011 – CDG, a Boeing Company announced that Mr. Chris Galante, Process Improvement Lead and Lean Coach will represent CDG in hosting a leadership workshop at the upcoming Process Excellence West Leaders Meeting Event in Santa Clara, California on Sept. 19-22.

Mr. Galante will facilitate the Leadership Meeting entitled, “Move Beyond the Tools to a Holistic, Strategically Aligned Process Excellence Culture.” The session will be hosted in a team environment covering best practices and will include open brainstorming activities with other Process Excellence leaders from various industries.

Galante commented, “When it comes to managing process excellence initiatives, it’s very easy to just get buried in the weeds of operations and lose sight of the importance of the overall strategic objectives. This workshop is an opportunity for me to share what I have learned first-hand as a Lean Coach and facilitate a working session with other industry leaders to discuss methods to help resolve that disconnect, and ensure high visibility for strategic goals from top level management to implementation throughout the workforce.”

Some of the key points to be covered in Galante’s Leadership Meeting Session will be:

  • How to analyze critical elements of ‘systems thinking’ to keep core objectives highly visible
  • How to prioritize high return projects
  • How to integrate key financial and business targets into your process excellence plan
  • How to accelerate change by strategically selecting projects that meet cross company metrics and objectives
  • How to establish a self-critical culture to support continuous process excellence

For more information about the event, visit the Process Excellence West website.

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