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CDG announces 2017 technical industry day

Boeing Subsidiary CDG announces 2017 technical industry day

Leading engineering and software solutions organisation, CDG -- A Boeing Company, has confirmed the date for its latest technical industry day. With a focus on sharing technical documentation and training development best practices for professionals across the aerospace and defence industries, the ‘Fast Forward’ event will take place in Cheshire on Tuesday, 10 October 2017.

Comprising a full day of workshops and live demonstrations by keynote speakers from across the CDG network, the event will focus on five key areas to transform technical documentation and training content. These include outsourcing technical documentation authoring and distribution, leveraging software solutions to increase data value, reviewing ILS approaches to streamline efficiencies and using transformative engineering and technical publication sources to develop training solutions.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to experience new approaches to training, learn about award-winning projects delivered by the CDG team and understand the latest OEM compliance requirements for supplier data.

Andrew Masson, Executive Vice President of Engineering Solutions at CDG, commented, “As the aerospace industry continues to evolve, it is vital that the backbone of technical documentation and training is fit for purpose. Listening to our colleagues across the aerospace and defence sectors, we identified a clear need to bring the industry together to discuss key issues such as the convergence of technical data and training content, standards-focused technical documentation to enable data reuse, and exploring how the entire engineering ecosystem relies on efficient access to accurate and up-to-date technical data.”
The Fast Forward event sponsored by CDG will provide an open forum to discuss technical data and training content development and delivery trends within aerospace and defence, as well as opportunities to share best practice examples to save both time and money.

For more details about the ‘Fast Forward’ event, visit the special event information page on the CDG website.


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