Technical Solutions

Benefits of eLearning & CBT

Let CDG help you discover the benefits of eLearning and Computer Based Training (CBT).

There are numerous benefits provided by implementing eLearning or Computer Based Training (CBT), including:

  • Reduced learning time; students progress at their own pace
  • Reduced travel costs related to off-site training
  • Efficient tracking – student training records updated/stored automatically
  • More engaging and interactive for students than traditional classroom settings
  • Consistent, uniform training assured across all locations, all departments
  • Access to training on-demand whenever/wherever needed leads to higher productivity
  • Complete flexibility – no rigid scheduling requirements and no limit on number of students with access to training modules

eLearning can be extremely beneficial both for support of your customers, and for in-house training of your personnel.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements for training solutions or other support services.  Our teams will work side by side with you to help you take full advantage of the benefits of eLearning and CBT, and outline available options based on your unique requirements.


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