Technical Solutions

Boeing Partners and Suppliers

Is your organization a Boeing partner or supplier for the 787 or other programs?  Is your technical documentation fully in compliance with Boeing’s requirements?  Do you have the engineering staff resources and software tools you need to meet those requirements and deliver data on time to meet Boeing production schedules?

Our CDG teams are experts in Boeing’s technical data delivery requirements for the 787 and other Boeing programs, as we play a leading role in preparation and management of parts data and development of software applications to support Boeing commercial airplane programs. Our technical authors and engineers have strong experience with the various applications required to support Boeing data delivery requirements, including:

Our teams routinely apply and use these platforms on a daily basis in preparation of technical data for Boeing and other commercial aviation manufacturers.

CDG offers Technical Publications Services to help you prepare Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs), Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMMs), and other technical publications that will meet the exact specifications as required by Boeing. We also support Boeing and its partners with authoring of Installation Plans and Final Assembly and Delivery Instructions.

Other support services designed to help aviation suppliers accelerate product development and improve efficiency include:

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and learn how CDG can help you prepare your data for delivery to Boeing.


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