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Benefits of S1000D

Most experts will agree that the single greatest benefit offered by S1000D is the ability to reuse data. With S1000D, specific data modules are created (containing text and/or graphics), and then stored in the Common Source Database (CSDB). You can then reuse and redistribute that very same data module in many other different projects or publications. This can bring a tremendous amount of time savings to the authoring process, as data modules are simply “plugged in” to any publication or project documentation as needed. In short, with S1000D there is no longer a need to recreate the same information over and over again for each individual publication.

Some of the other related benefits of using the S1000D specification are:

  • S1000D is based on internationally agreed neutral standards
  • Many different output forms can be generated from a single data source, thus ensuring consistency of data delivered to users
  • Cost savings associated with reuse of information (vs. recreating new information each time)
  • Facilitates complete configuration control
  • Reduces maintenance costs for technical information and overall Product Life-Cycle costs
  • Allows sub-sets of information to be generated to meet specific user needs
  • Facilitates transfer of information and electronic output between disparate IT systems
  • S1000D data module concept can be applied to legacy data
  • It is non-proprietary and allows neutral delivery and management of data
  • Incorporates data storage in electronic form while supporting output of information as either paper or IETPs (Interactive Electronic Technical Publications) or IETMs (Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals) using XML and web technologies.
  • Provides a single standard to support communications and data exchange among all participants in a given project
  • Standard data exchange format can also readily support future development projects
  • A very active standards body keeps up with evolving technologies while keeping an eye on backward compatibility, thus ensuring that the standard stays up to date as well as protecting your existing data investment

CDG offers S1000D support services to help organizations take advantage of the benefits offered by this standard. For more information, contact us.


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