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S1000D Services

CDG offers a wide range of services to support all of your S1000D requirements.

CDG offers a wide range of S1000D Services to support all of your S1000D requirements. CDG's S1000D Services include:

  • Consulting
  • Authoring
  • Training
  • Conversion

S1000D Advisory Services

CDG offers S1000D Advisory Services to assist your organization with the implementation of S1000D. This service is ideally suited for organizations wanting to know more about S1000D and who have little or no knowledge of the processes and constructs associated with the S1000D specification.

S1000D Advisory Services include:

Each service can be delivered informatively or as part of a structured training curriculum.

S1000D Technical Authoring Services

CDG offers S1000D Technical Authoring Services to support your technical authoring and illustration requirements. CDG can support small to large-scale technical publication projects as an outsourcing solution, a shared or partial solution, or provide technical authors as on-site resources to support your S1000D projects. Our highly skilled technical publications specialists have proven experience in authoring of S1000D-based publications, and can also assist in conversion of existing legacy publications into S1000D compliant format.

To train your technical authoring staff on the fundamentals of authoring S1000D publications, CDG offers the following service:

S1000D Conversion Services

CDG offers S1000D Conversion Services to help you quickly transition your organization’s publications from proprietary formats (many) to the S1000D format. This service also includes converting illustrations to S1000D compliant format, such as the CGM format. CDG can support small to large-scale conversion projects in a timely manner while maintaining strict quality practices.

S1000D Committee Representation

CDG recognizes the tremendous benefits that S1000D can bring to the technical publications community in both military and commercial sectors and is firmly committed to proactively supporting the further development of the S1000D standard. Our commitment includes allocating dedicated CDG representatives serving in prominent positions on the Electronic Publications Working Group (EPWG) in both the U.S. and Europe, as well as the U.S. S1000D Implementation Group.

Our Pioneering Efforts in S1000D

Until recently, S1000D was specific to technical publications supporting aircraft, but it has since been adapted to accommodate land-based and marine equipment. CDG was the first technical publications provider to apply the S1000D standard to Defense Based Land Systems in the U.K.

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