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ASD Spec 2000M is an international military standard which integrates all material management requirements. Chapter 1 of the military version, ASD Spec 2000M (S2000M), is mandated by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) for use in high value equipment acquisition projects.

To support your S2000M requirements, our CDG UK teams can provide the following services:

Compilation of Parts Data in Digital Format

Our experienced engineers can help you with all aspects of S2000M Chapter 1 – Initial Provisioning and Codification.

This includes:

  • Parts Identification – creating a complete parts catalogue and enhancing it with an Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC) if required.
  • Spares Selection – defining which spares are required and the number of each that are required.
  • Item Identification – establishing international standard references for identifying your spares.

Advisory Support Services

Our experienced engineers can provide advice and support on all issues relating to S2000M, P2P, Product Life Cycle Support (PLCS) and STEP methodology (The Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data). We can also provide advice on software requirements to support use of S2000M.

For more information on how CDG can provide S2000M support for your projects, contact us for more information on how CDG can provide you with support for S2000M projects.

S2000M is a registered trademark of ASD.


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