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Provisioning Data Services

Airlines rely heavily upon spare parts provisioning data to enable them to make purchasing and stocking decisions to maintain their fleets. As spares can represent one of the most significant expenses for airline operations, access to accurate parts provisioning data is of utmost importance.

Every prime, engine and component manufacturer for aircraft is required to develop spares provisioning data for their operators. The aircraft manufacturer is responsible for collecting this data, ensuring its quality and distributing it to the airlines in a format consistent with industry standards. If supplier provisioning “T-Files” are not accurate, they can be rejected by the aircraft manufacturer, and the process has to be repeated all over again.

How can manufacturers, suppliers and airlines be sure they have accurate parts provisioning data?

CDG’s provisioning data specialists have a thorough understanding of engineering data, and years of proven experience in providing thousands of accurate and timely provisioning files for the airline procurement and engineering professionals that rely upon them. CDG compiles parts data and applies sophisticated computer math modeling tools to calculate recommended quantities for parts provisioning that are customized for an individual airline fleet.

CDG supports manufacturers and suppliers with:

  • Accurate and timely delivery of T-Files, Recommended Spare Parts Lists, and other provisioning data files
  • Assurance that Illustrated Parts Lists (IPLs) and T-Files match exactly for consistent pricing and parts listings
  • Premium services to create new provisioning files and monitor ongoing revisions
  • T-files customized at the end-item (assembly) level to match the operator’s unique engine and aircraft configuration
  • Convenient nightly electronic updates to online ordering system
  • Compliance with standards guidelines, including ATA SPEC 2000 and iSPEC 2200

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