Industry Standards

Take advantage of CDG knowledge and expertise in a wide range of industry standards for technical publications.

CDG provides our customers with technical authoring services in the standards that they demand to support the unique needs of their industry, company and customers.  Our wide ranging experience and expertise lets us meet your challenges in the most cost effective way while ensuring that the standards you require are fully met.

Over the years, the technical publications community has recognized significant benefits from adopting publication standards, including:

  • Time Savings for Technicians and Other End Users of Technical Data– With standards applied, technical manuals will appear consistent across similar types of equipment. Training requirements for technicians are reduced and information can be accessed more rapidly, reducing down time for mission-critical or revenue-generating equipment.
  • Cost Savings in the Authoring Process- Technical publication authors can produce information in a manner that will be repeatable across multiple publications, even for different equipment. By applying standards, the amount of time and cost required to produce each publication is significantly reduced.
  • Interoperability Across Different Programs or Between Alliance Partners– As one example, by adopting the Air Transport Association’s ATA iSpec 2200 standards for aviation technical publications, the commercial aviation community has been able to deliver and exchange technical information using a standardized platform that can be applied to all aviation manufacturers, and all operators of commercial aircraft. With the advent of other internationally recognized standards such as S1000D™, coalition partners on military programs are able to facilitate improved exchange of information, regardless of the country of origin for the data, or even the type of equipment involved in the program (whether aircraft or land-based vehicles). Because of these clear benefits, S1000D™ is now rapidly becoming mandated by defense organizations around the world.

Learn More about the Benefits of Standardization

CDG has extensive knowledge of many of the most widely recognized publications standards for both commercial and military publications, including S1000D™S2000MATA iSpec 2200, and MIL Standards.

In addition, CDG has also worked closely with individual companies to develop “customized” standards that are unique to their own operations and technical data requirements.

Contact us to learn more about how your organization can benefit by applying standards to your publications.

S1000D™ is a registered trademark of ASD.


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