Learn more about Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals and Publications (IETMs/IETPs) from CDG's technical content development experts.

Publishers of technical manuals are moving away from traditional paper-based publications; many are now delivering technical data via Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) or Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP).

The first level of IETMs are delivered electronically, but are still characterized by a book-oriented presentation, with chapters, sections, page structure and featuring some form of “page-turning”  functionality. As technology has progressed, additional features such as hyperlinks within the “book” were added. These book-oriented IETMs are generally categorized as either “Class I”, “Class II”, or “Class III”, depending on the level of functionality provided.

The next level of IETMs, known as “Class IV”, created a new approach that was a significant departure from the traditional book-structured publications. Instead of presenting information according to page-oriented structures, Class IV IETMs are centered on a “data-driven” presentation of information, where technical content elements (parts listings, drawings, diagrams, etc.) are generated and displayed “on-the-fly” from an underlying database containing data module elements.

The advantage in the IETM Class IV authoring process is that these data modules in the database can be reused in several different places within a single publication, and even across multiple publications. The result is a more dynamic approach to how technical data is presented and managed on an ongoing basis, with the added benefit of the time and cost savings associated with reusing data rather than recreating it each time.

IETMs are generally created based upon leading publication standards such as S1000D.

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CDG has a highly skilled staff experienced in Technical Publications and Engineering Data Conversion Services to support the delivery of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals. Our team is actively involved in the development of leading publications standards such as S1000D, and can consult with you to evaluate your technical publications projects.

Inmedius also offers a wide range of technical documentation content management and publishing software solutions.

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