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Microfilm Scanning

CDG offers microfilm scanning services to support your requirements for content conversion.

CDG can help convert your microfilm archives into digital files. Our microfilm scanning services include:

  • 16mm film scanning
  • 35mm film scanning
  • Various lengths covered (100’ or 215’ are most common formats)
  • “Blipped” or “Unblipped” film
  • Simplex (One image per frame) or Duplex (two images per frame)
  • Positive or Negative Images

Microfilm Scanning Equipment

CDG uses the latest scanning technology and equipment, including the Mekel Mach IV for microfilm scanning. Designed to operate at high speeds, the Mach IV is the most advanced roll film scanner system available on the market today.

With this equipment, CDG has the ability to seamlessly and rapidly convert 16mm and 35mm roll film into various electronic image formats. By running multiple work shifts that operate top quality, high speed equipment CDG is able to complete large volume film scanning projects in the shortest time frame possible.

Quality Assurance and Security

CDG adheres to stringent quality assurance and security standards. Our facilities and personnel consistently follow all security standards, and are compliant with ITARs data protection requirements. To provide the highest level of quality assurance, our Quality Management Systems are ISO 9001:2008 certified.
Benefits of Microfilm Scanning

By scanning and converting film to digital images, you can eliminate the manual and time-consuming processes associated with retrieving and printing information stored on film.

As microfilm is scanned, key data elements can be indexed, increasing the overall value and usefulness of the information by greatly speeding up the search and retrieval process for your digital files. Multiple users may then be able to view the converted data simultaneously.

Depending on the volume of film in your archives and equipment used to view film, your physical storage space requirements can also be greatly reduced, freeing up valuable office or storage space for other purposes.

Related Services

CDG also offers paper document and large format document scanning (including blueprints and engineering drawings), microfiche scanning, and aperture card scanning.

For more information, or to request a quotation, contact us.

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