Technical Solutions

Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs)

CDG can help you meet your MoD requirements for delivery of Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs) whether required as Technical Documents On Line (TDOL) or Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs).

AESPs are required when supplying complex equipment to the UK Ministry of Defence (Army). CDG can take your existing documentation and produce an AESP to meet the requirements as outlined in your contract with the MoD. Alternatively, CDG can produce a complete set of operating and maintenance documents in the required format for distribution to your customers.

With a large pool of experienced engineers familiar with a wide range of military and other equipment, including aircraft, land systems, specialist vehicles and naval vessels, CDG can provide the expertise needed to produce AESPs to the highest quality standards.

To ensure maximum efficiency and benefit from your contract with CDG, we consistently apply our ‘lean’ operating practices and procedures to all of our technical authoring and illustration assignments, including AESPs.

Contact us for more information and we will work closely with you to carefully review your requirements for AESPs or other technical documentation.


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