CDG Governance Model

Many organizations have turned to outsourcing and off-shore solutions as ways to increase capacity, lower price or provide capabilities they require. But too often these firms fail to fully account for the costs and complexities involved in implementing a global resourcing model for engineering services and technical documentation. CDG has solved this problem for our customers by offering a Governance Model that provides the cost efficiencies needed while eliminating the customer’s responsibility to manage remote, off-shore teams.

This diagram shows how the structure of our projects provides effective oversight and visibility, while reducing the need for our customers to create an extensive infrastructure to manage global resources.

At CDG, we have a highly experienced and capable staff at key locations around the globe. Our teams can be brought into action quickly to meet customer needs in the most cost effective manner possible. And our customers never have to coordinate across multiple time zones when planning project meetings – CDG takes care of the global resourcing and completes the tasks, on time and on budget.

Our relationship with the customer is a Partnership, rather than a series of transactions.  CDG sets up projects so the customer has maximum visibility at all levels. But the global resource coordination and project deliverables are CDG’s responsibility.

Contact CDG and let us show you how we can make use of our CDG Governance Model to cost effectively meet your needs for engineering services, technical documentation, training solutions, or software solutions.


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